Videos You Need to Stay Competitive

Video Transcript There are many types of videos you need to stay competitive. Today, we’re going to go over a few great options to keep your business relevant and help you grow. Needless to say, videos are going to perform differently for each business. One thing is clear though, and […]

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The Importance of Video Ownership

Transcript: Did you know you could have a video made for your business, and not actually own it? Let’s talk about video ownership.  One of the worst feelings in the world of business is the feeling you’ve been taken advantage of. It simply can’t be shaken, and this is something […]

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Why I Don’t Like Stock Footage

Video Transcript: I get a lot of folks asking about stock footage, which as the title states, I’m not a big fan of. Let’s talk about why.  As a filmmaker, I’m passionate about including striking visuals in the videos I create. Not only do I want a great message and […]

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Stop Hating Your Face!

Video Transcript: You know that you need quality video for your marketing, but there’s one issue… You hate your face… Now even though I don’t hate your face, I do understand not liking being in front of a camera. It’s not easy! And until you’ve done it a lot, it’s […]

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Effective Video Distribution

Distributing your marketing videos correctly is the #1 step to a successful launch! In this video, Adam talks about how to create a distribution plan. Video Transcript: So you have your awesome new video- now what? Post it on Facebook or maybe your website? Most folks have a similar idea […]

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Creating Better Cell Phone Videos

Improving Your Audio – Better Cell Phone Videos Part 1

Do you want to create engaging videos that help you communicate better with your clients or followers? Olivedia is here to help! Today we talk about audio! Equipment mentioned in this video: Phone Stand: Selfie Stick: Pixi: Stick: Microphones:Cheap Lapel Mic: Videomic Me (Android): VideoMic […]

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