In this video we talk about what to put in your videos! There’s a lot of opportunity for quality content, but what works best for your business?

Video Transcript:

Hey guys! We’ve been talking a lot about how to improve the quality of your cell phone videos. And now that you know how to better create videos for your social media, what do you put in these videos? As easy as it may look, ideas don’t just come naturally as soon as you start your camera, so planning is definitely important!

First, let’s start with the format of the videos! It’s always a good idea to start with an address to the viewer. This can be catchy. It’s commonly taught that you need to grab your audience’s attention in the first 15 seconds, or you lose all interest. Today, that might even be shorter! Personally addressing your audience helps motivate that connection. Something like “hey guys”, or “good morning” is simple and warming, and then you want to get into that hook.

For video length, it definitely varies depending on the audience and where you’re posting your videos. For most social media videos, I advise people to stay under 2 minutes. A minute, thirty is the sweet spot for a lot of online marketing pieces. But you’ll notice that this video is much longer than that! For educational videos or videos targeted at a specific audience, you definitely have a lot more freedom. Anyone watching to this point in the video is likely interested in what I’ve said thus far and what I have to say next. Right?

Next be sure to close your video with a thank you and CTA, or call to action. Regardless of who the video is benefiting, you put effort into your video, and no doubt appreciate anyone who watches it, especially those who watch through to the end! Showing that gratitude is always a good idea. As for the call to action, you always want to give someone something to do with the advice or information you’ve given them. If you don’t, you can’t expect your viewers to follow up with you or pursue any interest. It’s like asking for the sale. Feels corny, but it’s necessary. You can’t expect your audience to move forward if you don’t invite them to.

Lastly, what to talk about in these videos? Well, this is where you do have to do some brainstorming, as there is really no one-size-fits-all video. Every person or business can benefit in different ways from different videos. One thing I’d refrain from is filming every single idea that comes to mind. Contrary to what some may say, “shotgunning it”, or making as many videos as you can, is rarely the best way to grow an audience. The age old expression Quality Over Quantity is absolutely relevant here. Taking a strategic approach by having fewer videos with much better engagement is so much more effective than sporadic poorly done videos overrunning your followers timelines. That’s a very easy way to get unfollowed! 

For businesses looking to build their presence, I’d personally start with some introductory videos explaining yourself and your background. Next, I’d address the most common questions you encounter with your business. Also, don’t be afraid to talk about what challenges you’re facing or how you’re learning. Remember, people don’t connect with perfection, so being real is never a bad idea! More ideas could be: product or service videos, talking about what sets you apart, your mission/vision, and more! I personally have a list of video ideas on my phone that I keep updated. Anytime I think of something, I add it to the list so I don’t forget and write up a longer video later.

So it’s time! Go, and create some awesome content! Yes, I’m talking to you! Take these tips and get filming! Keep creating, and it WILL help you succeed. Video is the future. It’s the greatest, most effective way to market, so don’t let anything hold you back.

Thank you so much for watching! As always, show some love by liking and sharing it to those who would benefit from it. I really appreciate all of your support. The response to these videos have been awesome, so expect more to come! Next we’re going to talk more about uploading and distribution so stay tuned!

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