Our Team / Partners


Adam Oliver

CEO, Professional Videographer

Adam entered the world of media as a YouTuber, where he and his brother developed a brand that, over 6 years collected an audience of 600 thousand subscribers and over 200 million views. After reaching this huge success, he transitioned into the world of video marketing to help businesses build a better online presence. It is his dream to build Olivedia Productions into a primary media resource for companies in Colorado Springs.


Randi Oliver

Graphics Designer, Editor

Randi is a lead designer on the Olivedia team and works closely with the Church Media Services. She graduated from UCCS with a Bachelor's degree in English and is an amazing resource within the Olivedia team for script writing and editing. Having had a passion for art since she was young, graphic design comes naturally to her and she takes on most of the design work within Olivedia. Randi and Adam married in November 2017.


Tim Harvey

Partner, Professional Drone Pilot

Tim has been flying drones for many years and comes from a background of commercial roof inspections. Tim flies professional drones capable of recording in 4k such as the DJI Inspire 2 and has taken aerial photos and videos on well over 200 projects. He is certified, licensed, and insured in order to protect his and the clients assets.


Cameron Brig

Partner, Real Estate Media

Cameron, with his company The Imagery Box, has mastered the art of Real Estate videography and provides incredibly efficient services to keep prices cost effective. He is an all-in-one operation and also records his own drone videography with HD and 4k cameras!


Tanner Dean

Partner, Wedding Videographer

Tanner, with his company Still Motion Stories, is a professional Wedding Videographer. He provides a specialty product - Wedding Films, which are an extraordinary alternative to the standard "Wedding Video", these films are capture the emotion and story of the wedding!


Jesus Lozoya

Partner, Professional Photographer

Jesus, with his company PQCreative, is a professional photographer specializing in business and event photography.

Why us?

Best Filming Equipment

We film with top of the line, full HD and 4k cinema cameras! With multi-cam shooting, we’re able to create seamless cuts and portray your vision creatively and effectively. Our camera lenses are prime cinema glass, which provide low aperture. When combined with the cinema cameras, they give us movie-like depth of field and color, which is an unachievable effect with traditional camcorders/DSLRs!

Premium Audio

Having high-quality audio in a video is a lot more important than many people presume! In fact, we believe that it should be as emphasized just as much as the the importance of good video quality! We give our audio recording process a lot of attention with high-fidelity recording equipment and have a range of microphones to fit any occasion. Our audio editing and mastering will leave you with a finished, clean, studio quality tone of voice that will draw in viewers!

Professional Editing

We shoot video in HDR, which provides us the ability to color grade our footage with the rich, life-like color you see in our videos. We use Adobe Creative Suite and have thousands of hours of editing experience. We’re able to edit seamless transitions to create a natural, clean message to your audience, disguising any undesirable looking cuts. We also provide intros and outros, lower thirds, b-roll, and other visuals, to make your videos look cutting edge!



million views


years of experience

Our standards in quality are backed by 10+ years of experience in the entertainment industry. The creators of Olivedia Productions have produced hundreds of videos, with hundreds of millions of views, and they aren't stopping now!

Our equipment it top-of-the-line, and our arsenal is always growing. Our cameras shoot in 4k, and our audio is 24bit, which is slowly becoming the new industry standard.

We'd love to hear about your vision and work with you on your project!