Adam talks about the new series “What is 10 Minutes of Marketing”.


Hey all! I’ll keep this short and sweet! You might have seen my recent upload of the first episode of the new 10 Minutes of Marketing series! Wanted to give a little context of what is is, who it’s for and what you can get out of it! Firstly, this is NOT a podcast. Though it is formatted like a podcast, my goal isn’t to add another podcast to the already oversaturated podcast sphere. There are plenty of great podcasts out there, even locally here in the Springs. If you’re looking for marketing specific podcasts, Danielle Hensley & Madeleine Costa both have great podcasts that are very informative! For local businesses, you can check out my friend Andrew Hazlee’s COS Business Podcast, which I was featured on early on. These are great opportunities to give new and experienced business owners a platform to talk about their businesses and share news with friends and family.

10 Minutes of Marketing is made for business owners who really don’t have the time to spend a significant amount of time listening to a podcast, yet want informative, up to date facts on how to market themselves more effectively. The structure is simple. 10 minutes of pure marketing expertise. No sales plugs, no rabbit trails, and only marketing professionals or industry experts who have proven knowledgeable in the topic of discussion. At the end of these 10 minutes it’s my goal for the viewers to have something they can take home and use in 10 minutes to significantly improve their marketing efforts. Because if you’re stepping up your marketing efforts even by 10% at a time, it won’t take long to start seeing results.

That being said, I’ve already got a list of topics and experts I’m planning on featuring. Depending on the response to these videos, I may post once or twice monthly. If you have topics you’d like to learn more about or experts you’d like to hear from, please mention or tag them in the comments!


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