Marketing businesses is passion of ours here at Olivedia Productions. We provide a wide array of business services to truly fit the needs of any business.

Our standards in quality are backed by 10+ years of experience in the entertainment industry. The creators of Olivedia Productions have have produced hundreds of videos, with hundreds of millions of views, and they aren't stopping now!

We've been marketing with video for several years and always keep up with digital trends to make sure our clients receive the latest and greatest of what's possible, so that they remain relevant in their marketing.

Our equipment is top-of-the-line, and our arsenal is always growing. Our cameras shoot in 4k, and our audio is 24bit, which is quickly becoming the new industry standard!

Let us help you reach your media goals!

The Greatest Marketing Pieces

Here are just a few of the excellent ways we can help you promote your business!

Intro Videos

Great for grabbing attention

Giving your clients a face to see and a message to hear is one of the best ways to connect on a more personal level, and doing so in the first few seconds of contact is very important! That's why one of the most popular videos we make at Olivedia are intro videos. They can be integrated on your website, social media, and more!

Educational Videos

Great for creating relationships

Education is a huge step in building a long-term relationship with your client. If you teach your client helpful tips, tricks, or methods on how to use your product or service, they will associate that knowledge with your business, and it will leave a positive imprint of your brand in their mind. Education is becoming king in marketing!

Testimonial Videos

Great For building confidence

There is no better way to build your business's credibility than positive customer feedback. We all have happy clients, and most of them love to talk about their great experiences! Using professional testimonial videos on your website will give new clients a great boost in confidence in your business. Word of mouth is the best!

Product/Service Video

Great For Developing Interest 

Having a video to describe the process of your service or the benefits of your product is an excellent way to grow the viewer's interest. There are so many ways to promote your product or service with video- and it's important to use a variance of methods to do so! Build hype for your product or service by showing it in use!

Instructional Videos

Great For incentivising clients 

It's always great to have video resources for a client to refer to after receiving a product or service. Having instructional guides on how to use or maintain a product or service can greatly incentivise your buyers to choose you over your competition, as it shows how much you care about the customer's entire experience.

Background Videos

Great For Enhancing Presence 

Customers recognize when you invest in their web experience, so having great content is key. Background videos are becoming the a new trend in not only web design, but also on Facebook and other social media platforms! Check out our homepage for an example of what a well-done background video can look like!

And it doesn't stop there!

There is so much more Olivedia Productions can do to promote your business. Contact us, and we'll meet with you to talk about how we can help your company reach your marketing goals! 

Why us?

Best Filming Equipment

We film with top of the line Blackmagic 4k or higher cinema cameras! With multi-cam shooting, high end gimbals and motion control, we’re able to create seamless cuts and portray your vision creatively and effectively. Our lenses are prime cinema glass, which provide low aperture, and when combined with the cinema cameras give us movie-like depth of field and color in our videos, which is an unachievable effect with traditional camcorders/DSLRs!

Pristene Audio Recording

Having high-quality audio in a video is a lot more important than many people presume! In fact, we believe that is it should be as emphasized just as much as the the importance of good video quality! We give our audio recording process a lot of attention with high-fidelity recording equipment and have a range of microphones to fit any occasion. Our audio editing and mastering will leave you with a finished, clean, studio quality tone of voice that will draw in viewers!

Professional Editing

We shoot video in HDR, which provides us the ability to color grade our footage with the rich, life-like color you see in our videos. We use Adobe Creative Suite and have thousands of hours of editing experience. We’re able to edit seamless transitions to create a natural, clean message to your audience, disguising any undesirable looking cuts. We also provide intros and outros, lower thirds, b-roll, and other visuals, to make your videos look cutting edge!