You know that you need quality video for your marketing, but there’s one issue… You hate your face! In this video, Adam talks about how to be more comfortable on camera and even option for video marketing that can be done without being the subject!

Video Transcript:

You know that you need quality video for your marketing, but there’s one issue… You hate your face… Now even though I don’t hate your face, I do understand not liking being in front of a camera. It’s not easy! And until you’ve done it a lot, it’s hard to get good at it. And that leads us to our catch 22.

First of all, I want to preface- no one expects you to be perfect. In fact, people don’t connect with perfection. When they see someone they know on video they get excited, but when they see someone they know acting like someone they don’t it gets confusing. So it’s okay to be real. When prepping for a video, just be you.

Where do you start? I’d highly recommend starting out with some personal videos on Facebook or Instagram. It doesn’t have to be live, which means you can re-take as many times as you want to get your message across right. Do it on a weekly basis, and you’ll build the confidence needed to even be ready to start doing Facebook live. It just takes doing it. I’ll be creating a “how to” video for effective selfie videos, soon. So be sure to check that out! 

Now if I still haven’t convinced you, there are ways to market yourself without being on camera. Firstly, testimonial videos are one of the most effective ways of validating your business and showing your clients what you’re worth. They are a great too to back up any claims you make in proposals, and are great on pretty much any platform.

Another method is having an overall brand video. It’s certainly possible to show the gist of your business in a montage video without having a talking head. You might even try a voiceover video. And if you don’t hate your voice too, you can be the one speaking!

There are so many ways to market yourself with video, and so few excuses for why you aren’t doing it yet. You don’t need to pay a professional to get started.

So in conclusion, stop hating your face. No one else hates it, so you’re not doing yourself any favors. Either way, I’d love to help you produce some quality videos. Thanks for watching, and I love your face!

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