Ever wonder what videos you need to step up your marketing game? We’ll talk about just that in this video!

Video Transcript

There are many types of videos you need to stay competitive. Today, we’re going to go over a few great options to keep your business relevant and help you grow.

Needless to say, videos are going to perform differently for each business. One thing is clear though, and that is that there is no one-size-fits-all video! I meet a lot of people trying to sell what they call an about video, an intro video, or a video business card (which are essentially all the same thing), and it is a great tool for some uses, but there is so much more potential when exploring video as an option! Let’s get into the types of videos you can use. 

We can start with the intro video we’d talked about earlier! This video is a powerful tool to not only tell people about what you do but more specifically, why you do it. Typically this is a video that will stretch 2-3 minutes and really tell the heart of your brand. It will often tell the history of your business but also your accomplishments and goals. An intro video is great for an about page, your email signature, or to send to clients with proposals. These videos aren’t as good for TV ads, sponsored posts, or landing page funnels, as they’re not made to convert as much as they’re made to build a relationship with the viewer. 

Next, a branding video is a great tool and has a few unique cases. Brand videos are usually music videos synced with the best b-roll we capture of your business. This makes great content for anywhere you want to spice up your brand- a website background video, Facebook header, or even on display at your physical location! The extra flare that this will add to your presence will be a serious help to drawing people in. I almost always create a brand video alongside a larger package. Footage can include interaction with clients, your services, vehicles, aerial shots of your service area and more! 

Next we have reputation videos. As a business owner, I know what I say may be taken with a grain of salt by my viewers, but videos of my clients or employees leaving testimonials are very powerful and oftentimes well trusted by viewers. And if you want to tell clients how great you are without sounding pretentious, this is also a great way to boost your reputation. I’ve had clients do montage testimonials with multiple speakers in one video, as well as standalone. They both work well and serve different purposes. 

Recurring videos bring big value to your business. These are usually done in groups of 10-12, or are videos filmed on a monthly basis. Primarily used to educate clients, recurring videos are what will really build the relationship your business has to it’s followers. It’s also a great way to show your authority in your field of work. This video you’re watching now is exactly what we’re talking about. See the value? Viewers also know that if you’re an educator in your field, then you’re an expert in it. By educating your client on a regular basis, you’re not only creating a huge value ad, but also keeping yourself top-of-mind to your clients. 

Lastly, conversion videos are where the performance is at. Everything until now isn’t necessarily made to turn a client here now, but conversion videos are just that. A video created for conversion is typically one you’ll put on TV, boost on Facebook or LinkedIn, or show clients on platforms like YouTube or Hulu. These videos are usually 30-60 seconds and have a clear direction- you present the need, the value you will bring, and the call to action to the client. The goal is a sale now, and that’s exactly what the conversion videos do. 

So as you see, there are a LOT of options when creating videos. There’s no one-size-fits-all video, as you can’t possibly accomplish all the potential there is with one video. It’s my passion to work with my clients to create a package of these videos to help boost their businesses as effectively as possible. If you’re looking for some new content, please reach out to me. I’d be happy to help. I’m Adam Oliver, with Olivedia Productions. Thanks for watching!

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