Do you want to create engaging videos that help you communicate better with your clients or followers? Olivedia is here to help! Today we talk about audio!

Equipment mentioned in this video:

Phone Stand:
Selfie Stick:
Manfrotto Pixi:
Tripod/Selfie Stick:

Cheap Lapel Mic:
Rode Videomic Me (Android):
Rode VideoMic NTG:
Shure MV88 (iPhone):

Other Equipment:
L Bracket:
Phone Mount:
Combo Kit:

Had a request over LinkedIn for good mics for athletics- Here’s a great headset to be used while being active! Headsets are better for this scenario as it will help reduce unwanted noise:
Samson XPD2:

Video Transcript:

Do you want to create engaging videos that help you communicate better with your clients or followers? It’s not only important to be keeping up to date with regular videos, but it’s just as important to produce those videos well. People notice and appreciate when you put effort into the quality of your presentation. So we’re going to talk about how to do just that: creating effective selfie videos. To start this series off, the most important step to improving video quality is to get better audio! One of the biggest turnoffs to a personal video is when the audio is BAD. Now even though cell phones are getting much better cameras and screens, audio is one place we see very few improvements. The microphone on your phone is still optimized for speaking directly into, which is unfortunately not a luxury you can’t afford when taking video. There are a few different methods I’d recommend for better audio.

First, I’d recommend using a phone stand, selfies stick, or other mount to hold your phone so you aren’t touching the phone while you’re recording! This has a lot more benefits than just for the sound as it significantly improves the look of your videos as well.

Next audio tip, and even more important, I’d highly recommend buying a microphone! You can use a headset to greatly improve your audio but you can step it up even more by buying a good mic for your phone. Depending on what you’re recording, there are a few options I’d recommend. If you’re primarily making “stationary selfie style” videos, I’d recommend grabbing a wired lapel mic that works with mobile phones. It’s easy, cheap, and makes a huge difference. Make sure that any mic you buy to plug into your phone is a Tip Ring Ring Sleeve, or TRRS plug. The additional ring on the plug designates a microphone port. I’ll link to a great microphone in the description. This one here is just 30 bucks.

Now if you’re planning on more vlog style videos where you might be moving around a little and would like a little more freedom from being tethered to your phone, then I’d recommend looking at a directional/shotgun microphone solution. RODE sells a couple of options that work well, and while it will be more expensive then a lapel, it can be definitely worthwhile. I’ve heard a lot of things about the VideoMic Me, but my personal favorite is the RODE VideoMic NTG. Though a little more pricey, this microphone can be use on phones, cameras, and via USB on your computer for video calls. It’s not compact, but with a little rigging you can make an awesome mobile setup!

With a little investment, anyone can make powerful selfie videos that will communicate so much better than text. If you’ve found this video helpful, do me a favor and give it a like or comment and share it with someone who could also benefit from seeing it! There is a lot more to learn so more videos are to come, stay tuned and thanks for watching!

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