Distributing your marketing videos correctly is the #1 step to a successful launch! In this video, Adam talks about how to create a distribution plan.

Video Transcript:

So you have your awesome new video- now what? Post it on Facebook or maybe your website? Most folks have a similar idea of distribution, but with a professionally created video, there’s so much more potential! Let’s talk about video distribution.

The first step to effectively using a video is to create a distribution plan. It sounds a little boring but without it, you can’t reach the full potential of your video. This plan will specify scheduled dates and times, platforms, and recurrence.

Let’s start with recurrence. This is where a lot of people get it wrong. If you only need to use a shovel once, then there’s no reason for you to buy the shovel. But if you invest in a tool, you should utilize it as often as possible. Now with video, it’s easier to under utilize than it is to overutilize. Don’t be afraid of bothering people with your content. For clients who have multiple professional videos created, I advise they rotate the videos on different platforms on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. That means re-uploading or re-sharing the same video. Even if you’re producing your own videos on a regular basis, you should still be adding the professional videos to the cycle.

Now for date and time, that really varies depending on your target market. I usually have this conversation with my clients, but if you’re targeting middle aged women, you’re best off in the afternoon or evening before 6pm. However if you’re targeting a millennial gamer audience, then you’re better off posting after 9pm. Talk to me or your marketing professional about your target market to find not only what time, but what day they will be most receptive to your video, as Sunday at 2am isn’t going to give you much engagement.

Get a calendar, and create reminders of when and where to post each video. There are a number of services online which automate social media management that will help with the posting process.

Ideally, the videos you produce will be effective on any platform. You’ll want to post it on your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and possibly even sites like TikTok, depending on your audience. It’s a good idea to have different rotations of distribution for different platforms, that way if a client follows you on multiple platforms, they have a higher chance of seeing something new if they jump from one to another.

Email is an underutilized platform for videos as well. Distributing over email is an incredibly effective way to show off your new tool. If you share a regular newsletter, that’s be the best place to insert your video. I’d recommend using an image of your video with a “play button” overlay, and adding a hotlink to wherever you would prefer the video to be viewed, like on your website. If you have a story video or overall brand video, then having the video linked as part of your email signature is a great opportunity.

Now for any of the social media platforms, it’s tempting to just share a link to your video, especially because it’s easier to track analytics. DON’T DO THIS. You want to upload your NATIVELY video to each platform INDIVIDUALLY so your viewers can watch within the platform. This is proven to bring way more engagements. Even though you can’t track results all in one place, it’s absolutely worth your audience being able to watch the video natively, as far fewer people are willing to click a link that will lead them away from their current place.

The only thing I’ve yet to cover is distribution of targeted video campaigns. Because every business is different, a custom video campaign is always built to a business’s needs specifically. If you’re in this stage of your business, I’d love to strategize with you about creating a custom campaign to best market yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Use your new tool to its best potential! Grab a calendar, make a plan, and get sharing!

If you’re looking to step up your game, reach out to me and I’d love to help you out. 

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