Here’s a list of equipment I’m recommending for folks who want to start out on their own media! The budget here is <$5k, but if you’re planning on a smaller or larger budget, I’d love to help write up a list to fit whatever you’re shooting for!

Canon EOS R w/ 24-105mm Hard Kit (camera and lens):
This is the camera I use as a backup for a lot of my productions. It’s got a great auto-mode that will make the videos looks excellent without a lot of work. Only thing that could be problematic is it only records for 30 minutes at a time before you need to re-start the recording. If you ever want to record sermons or something linger you may want to consider a camcorder.
Here’s a camcorder that would be a great alternative (hasn’t been released yet but it looks super promising):

Moza Air 2:
I’m a big fan of the MOZA Air 2, it’s got a great payload capacity and it will directly control the EOS R. All you need is a USB Micro to Type C adapter (this one works great for me:

SanDisk 256GB Extreme SDXC UHS-I:
Regardless of which camera you’d buy, this is a great value for recording media, assuming you’re not going for 4k just yet (UHS-II cards are silly expensive still, so I’d wait until going 4k)

Manfrotto 055 with 502 Head:
This is a professional tripod that I use- I have 2 of them and it’s perfect for what you’re looking for and can be used for larger cameras as well.
Here’s an alternative tripod if you’re looking to cut down on the budget a little:

Powerextra 600 Beads Bi-Color 60W (you’ll want 2-3 of these):
Basic Light Stands:
SB600 Softbox Diffuser (you’ll want 2-3 of these):
Light mounts:

Sennheiser EW G3/G4:
This is what I personally use for audio- you may already have an audio solution but I’d definitely recommend using a lapel mic. With this, you can plug directly into the camera and won’t need to do many adjustments to get it perfect. This is my favorite mic- very versatile.

Basic Backdrop Stands (up to 10×12 ft):
Wood Backdrop 1:
Wood Backdrop 2:
Wood Backdrop 3:
These backdrops are of course based on preference, but I think that the wood is clean and exciting. Make sure that whatever you end up buying is vinyl and not paper, as paper often causes issues with the reflections of the LEDs. 

Editing Drives:
Great drive for editing:
USB cord for editing drive:

Parrot Teleprompter:


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