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Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text (insivia)

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Olivedia is dedicated to providing quality marketing at affordable prices! Our goal is to help build relationships between businesses and their clientele by creating personal, real media that appeals to clients.


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We are dedicated to producing the highest quality content, without breaking the bank. Our process is simple! We help form your vision into a message that can be communicated effectively through video, and create one of the best marketing pieces you'll ever have!

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Our creators have produced content that has reached MILLIONS of viewers. This growth of viewership doesn't happen naturally; it's a process of trial and error. By filming and editing thousands of hours of video, we've learned exactly how to produce content that will catch a viewer's eye. Check out "Our Production" for more about the quality we've established.

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We film with top of the line, full HD cameras!  With multi-cam shooting, we’re able to create seamless cuts and portray your vision creatively and effectively. We use both Halogen and LED lighting, and therefore have endless flexibility with lighting almost any shooting location. Our cameras record with interchangeable lenses. The lenses we shoot through are prime cinema glass, which provide low aperture, giving us movie-like depth of field in our videos, which is an unachievable effect with traditional camcorders!

High Fidelity


Having high-quality audio in a video is a lot more important than many people presume! In fact, we believe that is it should be as emphasized just as much as the the importance of good video quality! We give our audio recording process a lot of attention with high-fidelity recording equipment and have a range of microphones including (but not limited to) shotgun directional, stereo condenser, and lapel microphones to fit any occasion. Our audio editing and mastering will leave you with a finished, clean, studio quality tone of voice that will draw in viewers!



Our cameras all capture video in HDR (High Dynamic Range), which provides us the ability to color grade our footage into the rich, life-like color you see in our videos. We use Adobe Creative Suite and have thousands of hours of editing experience! Filming with multiple cameras, we’re able to create seamless transitions to create a natural, clean message to your audience, disguising any undesirable looking cuts. We also provide intro and outro creation, lower thirds, stock footage roll, and other visuals, to make your video look cutting edge!

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Though our primary focus is on video production, we provide a WIDE range of services. Our dream is to become an all-encompassing media service, and we already do a lot in-house. You package can include web design, logo design, and more! See below for a full list of our services.


Marketing can seem like a heavy uptaking, but we're here to make it easy! We provide professional consulting to help you plan your marketing and build your story. We even have editors who will help you perfect your script. We'll help you to build the best marking piece you'll have!


Our pricing differs from project to project, depending on the needs of the client, but we do provide baseline pricing information! We know you understand the importance of good marketing, but don't want it to cost an arm and a leg! Contact us and we'll be happy to build a package that will fit your budget!